Posted by: southpenninescn | 29/08/2011

Welcome to the SPCN

Hello and thank you for visiting our website.

The SPCN is a group set up to promote the South Pennines as a candidate for National Park status.  On this site, you can learn more about the group, the South Pennines area, and read our case for the creation of a new National Park.

To have any chance of success in our goal, we need lots of people to show their support.  Reading the website alone, whilst welcome, is not enough – agreeing with the aims will not be enough, either.  Everyone who feels that the South Pennines should be protected from further inappropriate developments, from loss of biodiversity, and from restrictions upon the public’s right to access this land, needs to talk about it, act upon it, and do so now.  Please email, whether for further information or to express your support, and sign up to receive emails whenever there is a new post. 

If time is limited but you would still like to help, then please sign the online petition by clicking here.  Thank you!

We want to hear from everyone who appreciates this area – whatever your skills or interests, we are sure to need you!


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